Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom


  • This flipping model can be effective for students who need to learn at their own pace or different learning styles work for them..Also, it is another new way of learning for the digital generation and the flipped model allows students to use technology in a way they understand…………

This is my comment from the http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/.


2.   Flipped Classroom is a lecture and direct instruction done at home via video and/or audio, where home work is done in class, so the instruction is considered flipped. I believe this non-traditional model of instructing can be effective for many students who might not be grasping the traditional model, but of course this non-traditional model of the flipping classroom can have its pros and cons. The pros and cons of the flipping classroom are as follows:



1)      Students can learn at their own pace because they can pause or rewind the video to write down notes.

2)     Students can help one another to learn and understand concept better.

3)     Student’s behavior will be better because they do not have to apply their knowledge to the classroom.


1)     There are no teachable moments like raising their hands to answer questions

2)   No interaction with the peers.

3)   Students might zone out when watching the videos.


3. The three interesting websites about the flipped classroom.

  1. http://www.thedailyriff.com/articles/how-the-flipped-classroom-is-radically-transforming-learning-536.php

The article discusses how the flipped classroom changes the way teachers talk with parents, and how two teachers changed the way they taught with the flipped classroom model. The teachers noticed when they used the flipping model, their interaction with parents and students were different because they were able to connect with them on one to one basis instead of the traditional way of interacting in a group setting

  1. http://www.eschoolnews.com/2012/02/21/make-thinking-visible-3/

The website discusses how the flipped classroom increases student’s achievement because of the changing roles of the teachers and students are different than in a traditional classroom where students are mentoring themselves while teachers coach them.

  1. http://educationnext.org/the-flipped-classroom/

This wonderful website discusses how flipped classroom saves time on online instruction and class time for learning. But they explored how flipping is just more than showing videos, it is giving students the opportunity to use technology instruction to guide and enhanced their learning. Flipping is more than watching videos, it has shown to be effective for many students, the article states.







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