Dirupting Class, Chapter 8 & 9

In chapter 8 & 9 of Disrupting Class by Clayton M. Christensen,  description of “heavyweight” and “ autonomous” teams are the types of teams required to deal with the problems innovators confront but in the education system these types of teams enable schools to perform certain tasks. The heavyweight team create new ways of working together, when the architecture of a product or process needs to change, the representatives have to change their mindset from defending the traditional turf of their department to focus on “a better way to knit things together” (pg 204). However, the autonomous team is designed when “managers are tacking a disruptive business model” that is when the existing business units in a company cannot prioritize (the model) relative to other investments they have the options of making” (pp. 204-205) The autonomous team provides the tools necessary to create new economic models by minimize the finances involved in separating them from mainstream market. Furthermore, a charter school can become innovative in their educational practices because this type of education, ”a student comes from a certain background and this type of school is designed to work with and fit a particular circumstance. “(p.211) In addition, heavyweight team like student-centric curriculum uses another innovated way, technology is not attached to the current practices and this allow teachers to be coaches of their given interest while students are part of the real world.




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I am mother of two boys, 21 months and 9 year old and I am completing my Masters as Instructional Technology.
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