Chapter 7 of Disrupting Class

In Disrupting Class, by Clayton M. Christensen, students who are motivated to learn will most likely learn effectivitely which is great for the education system but when students are unmotivated, the education system needs to figure it out or the dropout rate will increase.  Although, the factors that contributed to students being unmotivated are a major issue for educators and teachers because they need to find a solution to the problem so more students are interested and motivated to learn.  The only way to determine how to make students wanted to learn are to convince them that learning is a good thing and finding a school that is interesting to their particular life style. For instance, some students who reside in the inner city or a poor environment might not have time for school or have problems with school for many reasons, so therefore, having a school that is geared to deal with the student’s individual need or interest might be a great for students who have these issues.

Nonetheless, FLVS and Kahn Academy curriculum and delivery models can be used within a school to enhance student’s motivation because online classes allow students to interact with other students from different places around the world since students become a part of their learning environment which motivates students. Also, both schools motivate students because of the learning styles. Kahn academy particularly does not lecture that much and this is great for motivating students because of hands on learning. Moreover, FLVS motivate students with blended learning by allowing students to learn at their own pace which encourages and motivates students to learn.

Furthermore, the role of the school’s leader to enhance student’s motivation according to Alisa Berger’s curriculum, I believe students should be given a learning environment that allows students to be independent, deep and critical thinkers. But the learning environment must feel and look like how Alisa Berger states “ the teacher being in charge of student learning, at some point the student should be saying that is what I need to know and this how I know it.’ Furthermore, students are motivated when their learning environment are comfortable, engaging and a place they enjoy come to every day.





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I am mother of two boys, 21 months and 9 year old and I am completing my Masters as Instructional Technology.
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