The Impact of Earliest Years on Student Success

In chapter 6, of Disrupting Class, Christensen says parents need to communicate frequently with their children before the age of 3 because this will impact the way children are motivated to choose a profession when their older. Although parents with less education may talk to their children less than parents who educated since they have a broader vocabulary which contributes to the way children communicate. But parents communicate with their younger children in two ways language dancing and business talking according to the author. The author describes language dancing as the way adults converse with one another, whereas business talking is questions parents usually uses when they want something from a child, like ” Can Mommy have the cup please”. It is imperative that parents talk to their children as young possible, even in the womb can help children communicate better and efficiently


About suhailahb

I am mother of two boys, 21 months and 9 year old and I am completing my Masters as Instructional Technology.
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