Designing the 21st Century K-12 classroom

This informative article by Bridget McCrea, writes about the new approach to designing a technology classroom which incorporates six design factors: Desks that support collaboration, ample electrical outlet, A “smart” lectern, Lightning that is easy to control, physical space that goes beyond a single classroom and fewer expansive gathering areas.  This would be consider a smart classrooms and people who miss this step accordiing Issac Herskowitz of our school who was mentioned in the article, believes fall short  of these goal of this, will have so much problems of having a ” smart classroom”. Moreover, another wonderful thing that was mentioned which I liked is, ” student should no longer be sitting by themselves because its not conducive to collaborating with one another’. I thought this idea was great for educational setting since it promotes a learning environment that helps student learn how to work in groups which later be an advantage when their in a work environment, Although, this new approach to designing a classroom is quite good but it can be a financial issue for some school who are don’t have the proper funding. I really dislike that the article didn’t mention this aspect of how the schools are going to fund designing a technology classroom from this particular approach but the article is definately resourceful, informative and a great read.


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I am mother of two boys, 21 months and 9 year old and I am completing my Masters as Instructional Technology.
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