Why do we need to change educational practice?

Are students prepared for college and career readiness? I believe students can be ready with the help from the community, home, technology and of course from the place they spend the most time, school. As we know, student should leave high school with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college, career and life. But most of the times, that not the case, so I envisioned schools should enable students for college and career readiness by placing a higher rigorous curriculum standards that foster the kind of critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills that are necessary for college and career readiness, for all students. Although, teachers need to be capable of leading classroom in which student have the opportunities to engage in tasks and assignment that enable them to demonstrate the deep understanding of content and higher level skills necessary for success after high school. Moreover, technology has been a major factor to prepare students to be successful after high school in preparing themselves for college and careers because students can take part of college fairs and job fairs, where counselors are there to assist student with online application for college and employment opportunities that are provided at the site for people who do not have internet access. But the role of schools is to prepare students for college and career readiness to become a reality for all student, is to make curriculum that incorporates the knowledge and the skills to prepare them for their future. I think the way schools can integrate a curriculum that is geared towards college and career preparation, is to have college introductory course that can be used towards their college degree; also classes on resume writing and professional interview skills which can and will lead to career opportunities.


About suhailahb

I am mother of two boys, 21 months and 9 year old and I am completing my Masters as Instructional Technology.
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